PERU – Pilgrimage to the tomb of contemporary Polish martyrs in Pariacoto

9 days
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Price includes

  • Sightseeing according to the program;
  • Accommodation in high-standard tourists hotels in double rooms;
  • Transfers by air-conditioned coach along the tour route;
  • Transportation to/from the airport in Peru;
  • Meals twice a day, including water (except on flight days);
  • Admission tickets to the visited places, including Machu Picchu entrance ticket
  • Services of English-speaking guides (if available);
  • Services of local guides in English;
  • Medical group insurance;
  • Hotel taxes, fees & service charges;
  • Spiritual care;
  • Daily Masses – if possible in selected sanctuaries.

The price does not include

  • Round trip flights Chicago-Lima -Chicago;
  • Domestic Flight Lima-Cusco-Lima;
  • Baggage fees according to the carrier;
  • Meals other than those mentioned in the program;
  • Personal expenses, including beverages, alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, devotionals, intentions, and mass offerings;
  • Customary tips;
  • Travel insurance (lost baggage, trip cancellation, etc.);
  • Single room surcharge: approx. $350. Cost to be confirmed at the office;


Lima: The capital of Peru- called the “City of Kings”

Pariacoto: The place of the martyrdom of the Blessed Fathers Michał and Zbigniew

Machu Pichu: The fantastic city of the Inca Empire suspended between earth and sky

Culture and history




The trip will start at the airport with an evening flight to Lima, Peru. After being greeted by the Incas and other Andean nations, the group will be transported to the hotel for accommodations. The remaining part of the day is for resting and free time.


After breakfast, departure for Pariacoto. On the way, the group will visit one of the oldest archaeological sites in Peru and stop at the Sechin Temple, built around 1600 BC. There will be a prayer service in honor of the martyrdom of two Polish Franciscan priests, Father Michal and Father Zbigniew, who were murdered by terrorists from the Shining Path group. The visit will include traveling from the Franciscan house, where the chapel with the tomb is located, to the place where they died. Lunch will be served there. In the evening, the group will return to Lima.


On the third day of the tour, we will devote our time to sightseeing and getting to know the rich history of the City of Kings. Like its founder, Francisco Pizarro, we will start the exploration of Lima from the Plaza Mayor, the square around which the main tourist attractions are located. We will see a bronze fountain from the 17th century standing at its heart. It is a meeting place for natives and tourists. This is where the founder’s remains are found. Also, we will look at the Presidential Palace, a place of great importance for Peruvians. It has extraordinary spiritual value because it was built on the remains of the fallen rulers of the Incas. We will go to the Archbishop’s Palace to admire the work of our compatriot, Ryszard Matachowski. We will see the Transandia Railway Station, co-authored by Ernest Malinowski. We will visit the most important religious facility in Lima, the Monastery of St. Francis. Built in the late 17th century, the baroque-style building attracts thousands of pilgrims each year. Inside, we’ll take a tour of the mysterious catacombs located under the church. They are a lure for tourists who want to feel the horror of a place where apparently nearly 75 thousand bodies were found. There are many historical artifacts, documents, and murals in the buildings. During the day, we will visit the Larco Herrera Museum. The building dates back to colonial times and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. We will see an extraordinary collection of pottery, gold, ceramics, and pre-Romanesque materials. In the evening, we will have a walk along the charming beaches and promenades for which Lima is famous, also known as the city of gardens for a reason. It is free time to enjoy the sunset.

Cusco, Peru


After breakfast, there will be a flight to the historic capital of the Inca Empire, Tahuantinsuyo – Cusco, known as the “Navel of the World,” located 3400m above sea level. After arriving at the hotel and a short break, we will start a city tour in Cusco, including visits to Plaza de Armas, the Basilica, Jesuits Church, Historical District, and many more attractions. Enjoy a stroll through the old streets and take in the beauty of this city, which was once the capital of the Incan Empire. There will be an evening group meeting with dinner, followed by an overnight stay.

Cusco, Peru


Our day will start with an expedition to the unique and charming landscape of the Holy Inca Valley. Next, there will be a tour of the ruins of the archaeological site in Pisac, followed by a visit to a local folk market. It will be a great opportunity to see how well we can bargain. A visit to Pisac is the chance to see impressive urban layouts from the Inca times. There, one can observe simple and advanced construction styles, as well as admire hand-worked monoliths, each of which is a work of art. The travel will continue via the tourist train “Expedition” to Aguas Calientes. The day will end with checking into a hotel for an overnight stay.

Machu Picchu., Peru


After breakfast, the group will go to the bus stop from where it will visit the winding road among the lush tropical vegetation ruins of the “Lost City of the Incas.” This city, named Machu Picchu, also called the Old Mountain, was revealed to the world in 1911 by an American historian and adventurer. This place is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world and is the best-preserved Inca city. It was built in the second half of the 15th century and served as a ceremonial, economic, and defense center. The tour will include visiting individual sections such as temples, residential districts, a quarry and a solar calendar. While exploring, the group will learn about the history of the creation and discovery of this place. After climbing numerous stone steps, the ruins can be admired in all their splendor from the top. Breathtaking sights also include the view of Huayna Picchu and the Urubamba River flowing around the stone city, winding in a 400m deep canyon. Return by train to Cusco and an overnight stay.

Cusco, Peru.


After breakfast, the tour will continue on to the Sacred Valley, which is the main hub for adventure tourism in South America. Located between the cities of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, the valley has numerous archaeological monuments waiting to be admired. The group will spend the day here absorbing and contemplating the diverse and original scenery of snow-capped mountains, flowering meadows, deep blue lakes with unique flora and fauna. After checking in at the hotel, there will be free time followed by an overnight stay

Pisac, Peru


Breakfast and transfer to the airport. After short flight to Lima we will start sightseeing and getting to know the rich history of the City of Kings. The tour will start with the exploration of the Plaza Mayor. It is an extremely important spiritual, political, and social gathering place shaped like a square around which the main tourist attractions are located such as the bronze fountain from 17th century, Presidential Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace with facade designed by Ryszard Matachowski,as well as the Cathedral of Lima where the tomb of Francisco Pizarro – the city’s founder – rests. Then, the outing will take us to the Railway Station of Transandia which was co-created by Ernest Malinowski. Afterward, we’ll visit the most important religious facility in Lima, the Monastery of St. Francis. This 17th-century baroque-style building attracts pilgrims with its mysterious catacombs located under the church, where thousands of bodies were buried. Another stop will be the Larco Herrera Museum, surrounded by beautiful gardens and containing an extraordinary collection of pottery, gold, ceramics, and pre-Colonial materials. In the evening, taking a stroll along the charming beaches and famous promenades will help you appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. The day will end with free time to enjoy the sunset at Larcomar.


Early morning drive to the airport for departure from Lima, returning to Chicago.

The program is in general outline. The order of implementation of individual points of the program may change. Holy Mass will be every day (if possible in selected sanctuaries).

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9 days

The company is not responsible for client’s lost property due to burglary, theft, loss, etc. we are also not responsible for client’s losses in motels. Rek Travel Company reserves the right to change the program, dictated by circumstances beyond its control. The client is obliged to comply with the tour regulations. Tour participants are insured as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation for a total of $5,000,000 (policy available for review upon request). For an additional fee, participants may be insured for in-patient and out-patient treatment of medical conditions acquired during the tour, as well as for accidents at sightseeing facilities (all information at the office).

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